Move over Lizzie McGuire, Sam Montgomery, and Lane Daniels to make room for Kate Spenser in Punk Charming by Laura Quinn.  …the author did a wonderful job in making the attraction between the two characters feel so real. Both characters also developed as individuals throughout the course of the story, which made them feel more like real people and not fairy tale characters. Overall, I was truly surprised by how much I enjoyed this love story! 
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Laura Quinn’s first novel, Punk Charming, is a delightful romp through the 1980s, written with loving detail. The novel is fueled by a soundtrack of Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, and Wham, along with the spot-on period product placement. The net effect is an instant trip back to the fun, edgy mid-eighties.  Punk Charming offers all the elements of a classic romance novel, with an irresistible modern twist. This beautifully written debut novel marks an auspicious beginning for Quinn’s career.  
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What can I say about the 80’s? I loved them, I loved the music, the fashion and everything about them! Reading Punk Charming was like taking a step back in time. Not only did Quinn reference much of the beloved music of the 80’s by some of my favorite bands, she alluded to current events as well other pop culture trends I had almost forgotten about. Aside from the 80’s throwbacks, this story of “the one that got away” is one anyone can relate to even if they didn’t grow up during that time period. Quinn’s story is written in an entertaining way. Her characters are well-developed—readers will love to hate David!—and likeable (except David). This is a cute, fun read. I enjoyed the 80’s references as well as all things British Quinn exposed me to.  …perfect summer reading!

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Punk Charming is more than a typical romance novel. …for lovers of the 80s and for those traveling both in life and through novels, this book gives the reader a little bit of everything.
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1986 – Shoulder pads are big, hair is bigger, and American college student Kate Spenser is set to embark on the biggest adventure of her life. Having been accepted to a summer study-abroad program in Oxford, England, Kate travels to Europe for the first time. The eighteen-year-old is psyched about a summer of exploring countries on her own, experiencing new cultures, and perhaps meeting a charming young man along the way. Armed with a French-English dictionary and her Walkman loaded with Duran Duran, Kate is ready to start her adventure in Paris. Little does she know what awaits her, and how her life will forever change.

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Check here for news of the Punk Charming sequel, coming in 2018. This next book launches an international travel mystery series, featuring familiar characters.