Punk Charming Videos

I admit it, I’m a frustrated artist. I admire artists and their work, and am blessed (or damned) by fate to be surrounded by extremely talented artists. To save my life, I couldn’t draw a straight line. Even my stick people are an abstract form at best. Strangely, I teach two classes involving art – but I don’t have to create it. People have told me that writing is its own form of art, and I agree, but how I would love to create non-verbal art!

My salvation came in the form of graphic arts, at least since the dawn of the computer age. Now, I can arrange prefabricated graphics to make my own pseudo art. Of course, I know this is nothing like the beautiful creations that true artists create, but it’s my creative outlet. So, I was too excited to create my own videos for Punk Charming. Sure, they’re basic, but they were so much fun to make. PowerPoint is my secret weapon (yes, I’m old school), plus a very basic understanding of Movie Maker. You can see my attempts at the Punk Charming YouTube channel.

By chance, I met a fellow instructor who told me about PowToon. Wow! This is so much fun and easy – I’m a bit obsessed with making videos (apologies in advance to those who frequent my channel and/or websites). I even got to choose a virtual me to create the Top 3 Reasons You’ll Love Punk Charming video.

Top 3 Reasons You'll Love Punk Charming

I’m working on some videos to demonstrate the foods of Punk Charming. Unfortunately, my first was an EPIC fail – I’ll post that once I have perfected the recipe. The video itself will be a bit of a challenge, as I’ll have to master the video option on my smart phone. Yes, I’m millennium-tech-challenged. Check this blog, the Punk Charming website or my YouTube Channel for the latest videos from the self-confessed art-challenged author.


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