10 Facts About Laura Quinn, Author of Punk Charming

Punk Charming DD Nails

  1. Has been a diehard Duran Duran fan for 30-plus years, listening to albums from vinyl to Walkman to CD to iPod.
  2. A former user of Pay Phones, Paper Maps, and VHS Players, she now embraces technology…despite lingering misgivings from reading books like 1984 and watching Tron and War Games (the originals) as a teenager.
  3. Pinterest addict with over 28,000 pins, more than half of them of Duran Duran. She claims they are for book research.
  4. Has traveled the world by car, bus, foot, bicycle, horseback, plane, hovercraft, ferry, punting boat, cruise ship, and  funicular. She has also tried skis, skates, a skateboard (very briefly) and stilts (briefer still), but has never tried the ultimate foot sport, trampoline moon boots.
  5. An Anglophile, she is a member of the Daughters of the British Empire, and hopes to live in England someday.
  6. Honors her late father by using a name from his ancestry as her pen name.
  7. Is well-trained, and often outsmarted, by her beloved dog and cats.
  8. Once inspired a writing teacher to create the adjective “Laura-like” when referring to ornate descriptions. From the teacher’s perspective, it was most likely not a compliment. Quinn likes to think it was.
  9. Studied at Oxford University in the Summer of ’86.
  10. Holds a Master of Liberal Arts degree from the University of Chicago.

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