About the Author: Laura Quinn was born in Chicago, IL. She grew up in the awesome decade of the 80s, with spiked hair, rubber bracelets, and several pairs of fingerless lace gloves and Doc Martens. Her record collection (yes, vinyl records!) included everything from ABC to Wham!, with plenty of Duran Duran.

Quinn has always had a serious case of wanderlust, and first traveled to Europe in 1986. She packed her Walkman, coins for the pay phone, paper maps and paperbacks. Now, she packs her iPod, cell phone and paperbacks. So far, her furthest points traveled are: Maui (west), Panama (south) and Norway (north and east). A recent trip was driving from Chicago to L.A. via Route 66, with her husband and dog (who enjoyed 70% of the car space). Her two cats gladly stayed home with their substitute human servant, having no love for the jostling contraption that exists solely to abduct them to the evil vet.

Punk Charming is Quinn’s debut novel. The sparks of an idea for the story came to her while in Oxford in ’86. Years later, the sparks finally sparked her into action, and Punk Charming came to life. Quinn is now working on the sequel to Punk Charming, as well as a new mystery series. When not writing (or waiting on her furry kids), she teaches creative writing at local colleges and is a writing coach.

Punk Charming by Laura Quinn
ISBN # 9781944579265 
388 Pages – 6″ x 9″ Paperback
e-Book ISBN # 9781944579005 

Published November 2015
by Eternal Press (an imprint of Caliburn Press)
Copyright: Laura Quinn (Standard Copyright License)
Punk Charming Is Available in Paperback and e-Book at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Blackwell’s UK and Walmart.

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